Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Forecasting tourism to Vietnam in 2012 

Vietnam is one of the popular tourist destinations in the Asia-Pacific region and the tourism sector is growing strongly in recent years.In 2009, despite facing a global economic recession, tourism industry contributed an estimated 13.1% of total domestic product (GDP) for Vietnam's economy. Vietnam Tourism sector GDP has almost doubled compared to the industry years ago. Government support is a key enabler for the development of the tourism industry.Government has been investing in promotional activities worldwide to promote Vietnam's tourism industry Vietnam Domestic Filghts tourism has grown at a high level during the period 2008-2009.
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According to new research report titled "Forecasting tourism to Vietnam in 2012," Vietnam's tourism sector is expected to increase with the growth of tourism up to two digits in the near future due to increased Vietnam attracts many tourists from around the world, most investors have begun to eye the country's tourism industry.With some events in 2010, demand for hotel rooms increased significantly. In this regard, we have made a comprehensive analysis of the different segments of the tourism market in Vietnam.The basis for the development of optimism in the future is predicted in our report which is an increase in the number of  Vietnam Domestic Flights - Vietnam Internal Flights (domestic and internal tourism) due to rapid economic growth, increasing income and the percentage of young population dominates, Vietnam's tourism sector will have a positive growth in the coming years.The increase in MICE tourism (tourists combined event) will create favorable conditions for Vietnam's market in the period from 2010 to 2013."Forecasting tourism to Vietnam in 2012" includes an extensive research and rational analysis of the tourism industry in Vietnam. The article has analyzed the industry's segments, along with the development trend in the future to make the changes in the current economic conditions.The research will help consultants, industry analysts and other travel service providers have a depth knowledge of tourism activities. The report also includes forecasts of tourism development and detailed information about the activities of investors in the tourism industry in Vietnam.

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