Sunday, December 4, 2011

Vietnam Domestic Flights, Cheap Vietnam Flight

Vietnam Domestic Flights coverage is fairly good in Vietnam with frequent flights to lots of cities at reasonable price, and airfare can be easily altered.
Flight booking tips: It is recommended to book Cheap Vietnam Flights with local travel agents because it is significantly more expensive to book Vietnamdomestic flights outside of Vietnam.
Regarding  the  length  of  stay,  most  of  the  number  of  surveyed  domestic
visitors is short tour, which is 1-3 days, accounting for 59.2% in 2006, while 4-
7 days tours occupies just over a half of 1-3 days tours, 33.6%. Furthermore,
number of surveyed domestic visitor stay for 8-14 days and over 15 days are
just  little.  Almost  the  short-time-stay  tours  are  weekend-tours  with  main
purpose are relaxed, convalescence etc. And most of the long-time-stay tours
are conferences and short-trainings.

Jetstar Pacific Airlines, recently created as a low-cost carrier that also accepts online booking, serves Vietnam domestic flights to 3 destinations and Vasco Airlines serves 4, and the two airlines will open more routes in the time to come. The Pacific Airlines normal fare is less expensive than those of Vietnam flights.

Vietnam flights is the dominant and exclusive air carrier on Vietnam Domestic Flights routes w... ith regular flights to over 15 destinations. Vietnam flight  flies a modern fleet of Boeing 777 and 767 aircraft, Airbus 321 and 320 aircraft, ATR 72 aircraft, and Fokker 70 aircraft. On-time arrival, on-time departure and the safety record of Vietnam flights are excellent compared to any internal standards. Though cabin service does not quite yet match internal standards, reliability, performance and constantly improving service are the hallmarks of Vietnam flights.

Vietnam tourism in generally and specific domestic tourism are growing fast in recent years.  Investment  for  tourism  is  increasing and gains a big  turn-over;Even Vietnam national administration has master plan for Vietnam tourism till 2020. However, the fact that it is lack of information in the domestic segment.
Hence,  tourism  agencies  exploit  unsystematically,  the  number  of  visitor  is growing, but  low expenditure. Furthermore, main expenditure  is belonging  to shopping,  transportation  and  accommodation,  not  for  rising  knowledge  and other abundant purposes. Transports are not support tourism development so much,  and  combination  between  means  of  transport  is  weak.  Finally,  the
length of stay is short Thus, domestic  tourism should have strategy  to keep visitors stay  for  longer time and spend more money in varies purposes and exciting actions.

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